148 Subdomains, 18.9% are IPv6 enabled

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  • 27. Feb 2015: Latest timestamp where our spiderbot checked this host
  • 12. Sep 2014: Host was added to database
  • 01. May 2013: measurements started



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We know 148 Subdomains for chat. 18.9% of them are IPv6 enabled. Enabling IPv6 for a big number of hosts and subdomains is sometimes tricky.

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What is this good for?

In our IPv6-Database we try to document the progress of IPv6-Adoption. One part of this is a directory with sites/domains to show which sites habe enabled the new protocol and who dont. The displayed data is gathered from our bots who crawl the internet and from free online-sources.

We operate this directory. A business relationship with the companies behind these web hosts can not be derived.

Someone says this is a bad link!

This is nothing that we can influence. We try to keep the data associated with this host neutral. If you a concerned about your Google-Reputation look at this Video

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